Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cute Couple Picture

I like blogs with a lot of pictures in them, because I don't always like to read so much. The problem is, me and Steven are not really picture taking people. In fact, I don't have ANY pictures of the two of us together saved on my computer. Not even one.

The trouble is Steven isn't here. He's pretty much been gone since last Thanksgiving. He is off working about a hour outside of Seattle, Washington (I know, that's where vampires live...eeek!), so I can't really take any pictures of us to decorate our humble little wedding blog here. We could quite possibly be the only engaged couple with a wedding blog site, but no cute couple pictures. You know those cute couple pictures where the couple is dressed in not-quite-matching, but complimentary argyle sweaters, like it's always a cool Autumn day, and the first leaves of the season have just fallen? And they are in that perfect sort of embrace where they aren't showing too much affection as to make it obscene, but just enough so you know that they are in love and they mean business? Yeah, we don't have any of those.

But don't worry friends, you're in luck! I am a gifted and talented artist. When my hand connects with a pen (or hell, even a crayon) magic happens. So I have drawn a picture of me and Steven as a substitute. This is my artist rendering of how me and Steven will possibly look on our wedding day (May 14, 2011). As you can see, I am wearing a gorgeous Vera Wang mermaid gown with a drop waist pick-up skirt, elaborate beading down the bodice that follows the line of my natural silhouette to a giant satin bow in the back. My hair is in a classic French chiffon twist, accented by a giant Swarovski crystal hair comb, featuring a rhinestone and pearl butterfly. Steven is naked.

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