Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Save the Date...hell, save the whole week!

So the Save the Dates have been ordered, but they aren't here yet. Okay, so I haven't actually ordered them yet, but I did order some samples, so it's in Wal-Mart's hands now. Once again, there was a slight problem with the photography since I don't have any pics of me and Steven to use. So, I got my friend Pilly to design my Save the Dates, and I'm super psyched about them. I will mail them all out probably by the end of July.

But hey, no reason to wait till you get your invite...go ahead and Save that Date now.

May 14, 2011

It's a Saturday. It's gonna be on the beach in a really nice beach house (that cost a fortune, she whispers sadly to herself). Plus, I know for a fact, that on May 14th it's going to be a perfect 73 degrees, sunny, with slight to moderate cloud coverage . How do I know this? Because me and Al Roker are tight. Some would say we are best friends...and I would be one of those people.

So go ahead and write it down on your calendar -- May 14, 2011! Be there!

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