Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another Wonderful Mother/Daughter Wedding Moment, With Special Guest Star Betty White

Mom: We really gotta find that "Thank You for Being a Friend" song
Me: For what?
Mom: To play at your wedding reception.
Me: From The Golden Girls?
Mom: Yeah. Man, you loved that show!
Me: Hell, let's just throw Alf in the mix too.


  1. Lacy...This one really made me laugh out loud....How about the opening song to Fraggle Rock! We could all dress up the night before and practice a line dance number. Does Steven have a fav show? Love Aunt Jan

  2. He's got a lot of favorite shows, but none with danceable opening songs. Does Cash Cab even have an opening song?
    Although, he is quite fond of Deadliest Catch and they rock the Bon Jovi...that's doable.