Monday, August 30, 2010

Florida or Bust!!!!!

We're going to Disney World!!!!!! Well, to Disney World & to Universal Studios Florida. It was a very spontaneous move on our part. Steven is coming back this Friday and he has off on Monday for Labor Day, as well as, the rest of the week per request of his company. I just kept thinking, "Gee, I wish we would have known this before hand. We could have planned a trip." And then late Friday night, it hit me...why don't we plan a trip? What's stopping us? I got online and looked at some prices and found out that a Disney trip was plausible.

I seriously could not sleep at all Friday night; I was so excited. I didn't go to sleep until 4am and I woke up at 9am. I tried to call the travel agency (CI Travel, the same one who booked our honeymoon), but they weren't open until 10am. At 10am on the dot, I called them and booked the trip. And yes, I did get travel insurance. I normally don't. I like to gamble with the weather. But I figured that during hurricane season, insurance was a good idea. The "responsible" thing to do.

So we're leaving Monday, September 6th at 8:30am and arriving in Orlando at around 10:30am. And then coming back on Saturday, September 11th at like 5pm. We're staying at the Disney All-Star Music Resort, which is a value hotel that I picked purely for the price and the picture-taking opportunities. Ironic since neither one of us owns a camera. We've got tickets for three days at Disney World and two days at Universal Studios. What am I most excited about? The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Ever since the first film came out I've been waiting for some sort of Harry Potter/Quidditch type ride to be built. I didn't understand why no amusement park had gotten a Harry Potter ride yet. And then Universal comes out with an entire Harry Potter Land, complete with Butter Beer and The Three Broomsticks and everything. I've been plotting to go there ever since I heard about it.

Me and Steven are soooooooo excited! I don't know about him, but ever since I booked the trip, I haven't been able to sleep at all. I can't sleep. I'm too excited. I'm like one of those kids in the commercials.

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