Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Minor Tragedy of the Day

This kid from my work, Matt (some of you may remember him as the Glitter Wizard), brought in a pineapple upside down cake for all of us to share. Allegedly, his mom made it. I find this suspect. He doesn't live with his mom. He would have had to go to his mom's house to get this cake and then bring it to work by 11am. He's not much of a morning person. I think Matt actually baked the cake and isn't ready to "come out" yet as a baker. Everybody already knows that Matt is a good cook, but I guess baking delicious cakes isn't something he's ready to admit to yet.

Regardless, it was very nice of him to bring in the cake, and it was super moist and delicious. But I made a tragic mistake in my portion selection. You know how you wear lighter make-up during the day and then switch to something more dramatic for going out at night? Well, I figured I'd eat the cake with my lunch so I cut a piece in half, so it would be lunch-time size. BUT I didn't end up eating it for lunch, so I brought it home. Now, I got a crappy little half piece of cake for dessert. That, my friends, is completely inappropriate in my world. You can't have a little half piece of cake for dessert. That's a waste of dessert. Luckily, I keep brownie bites on hand for just such a situation. Brownie bites, while not as pleasing as a full brownie, are the perfect compliment to an incomplete and/or inadequate dessert. Crisis averted.

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