Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Breaking News!


That's the beeping sound that they use to make at the beginning of old school breaking news reports. It's a lot less obnoxious than the EHHHHHHHHHHH, EHHHHHHHHHHH, EHHHHHHHHHH that comes on during bad weather warnings.

But we do have BREAKING NEWS, hot off the presses! Ah man, I'm really having a hard time not busting into some Citizen Kane "News on the March" 1930s-type journalism here. I'm sitting here with Brooklyn and I keep saying "Brrrrreaking Newwwwws" in a this fake pseudo-New York newsboy accent and I think it's getting on her nerves. Yup, she just double winked* at me. She's had enough.

We have rented a second beach house for the wedding! This house is directly across the street from The Four Seasons and will help accommodate out-of-town guests, and can also be used as a dumping ground for tramps, hoodlums and misfits.

The second house is called "Young." It's two-story, has 5 bedrooms, and sleeps 12. There is a pool, but it will be closed during our wedding...wa, wa, waaaaa. But it does have a really cool, screened-in 2nd floor deck, and a hot tub. It's not as super fantastic as The Four Seasons, but it's still pretty chill. I'm including some pics. (My favorite is the one where, from the deck, you can see across the street to the incredibly rad Four Seasons.) I'm also including a link so you can check out more pics of the place.

Now, with two houses of varied degrees of awesomeness, some of you might be thinking? Which house will I get to stay in? I wanna stay at The Four Seasons, not that B-List house**. What if Steven and Lacy put me at Young, does that mean they don't like me as much? Does that mean, I'm not cool? Well, that's absurd. Just because you get put at Young, instead of The Four Seasons does not mean that you are any less liked and/or appreciated. All of our family and friends are loved equally. If we could embrace you all at the same time, we would.

With that being said, me and Steven are accepting bribes. In planning this wedding, integrity and ethics really don't have a place at the table. So feel free to bribe away. It's not only appreciated, but encouraged.

Some things I enjoy include (but are not limited to) Starbucks, massages, sugar-free Red Bull, being told I'm pretty, being told I have nice hair, and cupcakes. Steven likes the Redskins, electronic gadgets, having a clean truck, work tools, processed meat products (i.e. beef jerky), and night-vision goggles. Brooklyn enjoys peanut butter, cheese, taking naps with people, throw blankets for the couch, and going on adventure walks.

*This has really nothing to do with anything, but Brooklyn really did wink at me before. Sometimes she winks. Her right eye, she'll just wink at you. I told Steven that sometimes she'd wink at me and he didn't believe me, until she finally did it to him one day and it blew his mind. I don't know if she winks because she has an eye tick, or maybe she really is winking because I wink at her constantly. Maybe she just picked up the habit. Hell, it could just be that she needs to blink and she's too lazy to blink both eyes at once. I don't know. It's cool when she does it though.

**Yes, Jessica Dillard. I know it's your Sweet 16 Birthday Celebration on the same weekend as our wedding. So, like I told your Dad, you will definitely be staying at The Four Seasons, if you guys are able to come. So hopefully you can!

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